1、 Purpose

       Smart3D media lab was established in 2007,we mainly focus on Mobile Internet interactive media ,aim to  construct  real-time interactive system of large-scale virtual world on two of the most extensive information sharing platform (web and mobile phone) . We try to break through all kinds of key technologies, develop a series of engines, plug-ins and platforms, develop typical application systems in various fields, and actively create a new generation of smart 3D mobile Internet. Therefore, the lab is named Smart3D Media Lab.

2. Research focus

    After years of hard exploration, we have proposed the new framework of lightweight Web3D modeling, lightweight streaming P2P transmission and lightweight Web3D engine. Moreover, we have established as following research interest.

 ▲ High efficiency, low cost, lightweight 3D city modeling method

 ▲ High efficiency, low cost and lightweight 3D plant community modeling method

 ▲ A lightweight 3D model assets for mobile Internet and its cloud service platform

 ▲ Efficient  Web3D content retrieval algorithm based on sketch and image

 ▲ Lightweight Web3D streaming protocol based on WebRTC/WebTorrent

 ▲ Intelligent layout and automatic roaming algorithm for lightweight virtual scene

 ▲ Multi channel and multi person cooperative natural 3D animation content creation platform

 ▲ Lightweight online realistic Web3D rendering platform based on cloud roasting

 ▲ Fine-grained processing method for large-scale virtual scene

 ▲ Lightweight web-page visualization intelligent service platform for BIM big data

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